Spelman's Got (Math) Talent, Spring 2016

In the spring 2016 semester, students in both my Math 324 (Cal III) and Math 463 (Real Vars) classes were given the option of doing something "artistic" for extra credit. The following statement was included in all of my syllabi:

"Spelman’s Got Talent! Up to 3 extra bonus points may be awarded,
at the discretion of the instructor, for coming up with and sharing
an innovative original artistic creation about class material
in the form of a poem, rap, song, video or dance."

This is what they came up with!


Journey of Discovery: Mystique of the Double Integral (Abiana Adamson) (click to Show/Hide)

The Creation of Partial Derivatives (Kristina Brown) (click to Show/Hide)

3D Surfaces (Amanda Collins) (click to Show/Hide)

Haikus on vectors (Sydney Harris) (click to Show/Hide)

What Do You Do? (Morgan Lipkins) (click to Show/Hide)

Haiku on integrals (Faith Lyons) (click to Show/Hide)

The Class of Oh My! (Sheveika Robinson, with Audio) (click to Show/Hide)

The Best of Both Worlds (Maenishia Simmons, with Audio) (click to Show/Hide)

Real Variables

I Got a Feelin' (Veron Frith) (click to Show/Hide)

Cartoon (Micah Henson, Video) (click to Show/Hide)

A Conversation (Tyler Howe) (click to Show/Hide)

The "Reals I" Struggle (Hadiyah Jones, with Audio) (click to Show/Hide)

Wannabe (Naccari Murphy & Taylor Sain) (click to Show/Hide)

Real (Nyla Walker) (click to Show/Hide)

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