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Colm Mulcahy is Professor of Mathematics at Spelman College, Atlanta, GA, where he served as chair of the department 2003-06. He is currently on leave in the DC area, but is always reachable on email.

If you're half as excited about Mathematics Awareness Month as he is, then he's twice
as excited as you are!

Member of Advisory Council of National Museum of Mathematics.


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Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, 11:00 am, Groseclose 402, Tue 25 Nov 2014 (Martin Gardner open problem talk for ISyE INFORMS chapter)

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, 4:00 pm, Skyles 005, Tue 25 Nov 2014 ("Some Classic Puzzles of Martin Gardner, The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had" for Math Club)


MAA Celebration of Mind at Carriage House, Washington, DC, 14 Oct 2014 ("Martin Gardner in his own words" video plus commentary by Dana Richards, Bill Ritchie & Ivars Peterson)

MAA MathFest, Portland, OR, Fri, 8 Aug 2014 ("Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards" booksigning)

MAA MathFest, Portland, OR, Thu, 7 Aug 2014 ("The Mathemagic, Magic & Mystery of Martin Gardner")

Conway Hall Ethical Society, London, UK, Sun, 6 Jul 2014 ("Martin Gardner, Rationalist Supreme")

Spring Conference of Maryland Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges, Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD, Fri, 30 May 2014 (Keynote address "Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards")


        MAA's Math Horizons (Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects book review by Rob Eby, Vol 22, No 2, page 28, Nov 2014)

        MAA's Math Horizons ("Theee Cards Suffice" by Colm Mulcahy, Vol 22, No 2, pages 22–25, Nov 2014)

        MAA's Math Horizons ("Undiluted Hocus-Pocus" review and "The Top 10 Things Every Mathematics Student Should Know about Martin Gardner" by Colm Mulcahy, Vol 22, No 1, pages 24–25, Sep 2014)

        "Math Games of Martin Gardner Still Spur Innovation" (Sci Am)

        "How Well Do You Know Martin Gardner?" (Sci Am)

        You Don't Have to Be a Genius to Work at Subway... (Huffington Post)

        UCD Connections 2014–2015 (page 73)

        Mind Your Decisions

        3 min interview about writing Mathematical Card Magic (CRC Press)

        A Month of Math, Magic and Mystery (Sci Am)


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        MAA review of book

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        Celebrations of Mind Honor Math’s Best Friend, Martin Gardner

        Martin Gardner–The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had


36 mins MAA Google Connected Classroom Hangout on Mathematical Magic with Cards, Apr 2014
(re: Mathematics Awareness Month, Day 3)

6 mins video by Chris Morgan of Ice Cream Trick, Oct 2013
(from Celebration of Mind resources)


A Month of Math, Magic and Mystery (Scientific American)
16 Apr 2014

Math’s Best Friend, Martin Gardner (Scientific American)
29 Oct 2013

The Magic of Math (American Univ)
25 Oct 2013

Martin Gardner–The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had (Huff Post)
20 Oct 2013

All Squared, Number 8 (Aperiodical)
6 Oct 2013

All Squared, Number 7 (Aperiodical)
29 Sep 2013

Inspired by Math (Wild About Math)
21 Sep 2013

Let the Mathemagic Begin (Math Tango)
15 Sep 2013

Spelman’s Own ‘Mathemagician’ (Inside Spelman)
5 Sep 2013


Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects, foreword by Max Maven
(AK Peters/CRC Press, 380 pages, 128 illustrations, Aug 2013)

cover art of 'Mathematical Card Magic, fifty two new effects'

"Filled with many original ideas that will keep mathematicians and magicians busy for a very long time" — Arthur Benjamin

"A lot of fun. It's clever, instructive, and clear. Learn some tricks. Learn some math. Impress your friends." — John Allen Paulos

"A stimulating collection of novel card magic tricks that .... form a wonderful introduction to important ideas in combinatorics" — Ronald Graham

"A must for your magic library" — Lennart Green


With the late Martin Gardner, in Oklahoma, Mar 2007. The famed writer was a sweet, unassuming and generous man. He played a significant role in enriching the intellectual climate of a nation during the space race era, turning tens of thousands of people on to the joys of creative thinking. In a sense, he did for mathematics what Julia Child did for French cooking. His legacy is celebrated every Oct with Celebration of Mind parties worldwide.


With Ethan Brown, in NYC, Aug 2013, at the first MOVES conference at the groundbreaking Museum of Math. Though he's only starting 9th grade, Ethan is already an energetic blogger, and a protégé of Art Benjamin. He's a total whiz at magic square completion and can do amazing mental arithmetic feats.


With Ron Graham and Persi Diaconis, in San Diego, Jan 2013, at a book signing for their beautiful and inspirational Magical Mathematics: The Mathematical Ideas that Animate Great Magic Tricks (Princeton University Press, 2011) deservedly won the 2013 2013 Euler Book Prize. The wonderful mathematics and magic in that tome is much more sophisticated than that found in Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects.

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